My name is Teri Kuklica and I started CHRIS Ti Golden Retrievers in 1995 with the purchase of our first English Style Golden, Can. CAL-VO Graceful Genevive CGC, aka Geni, from a long time breeder who is  my very good friend and mentor, Carol Vogel, who started her kennel, CAL-VO Goldens in 1963.

A beautiful girl and loved dearly, Geni earned her Canadian Championship a year later making her my first Canadian Champion and she went Reserve Winners Bitch several times in AKC. It wasn’t long before we had our first litter out of Geni bred to a Canadian Champion. They were gorgeous! Carol told me this would either be my first or my first, last and only litter – raising your first litter is always the deciding factor determining whether or not you’ll do it again. Geni was every breeder’s dream to have as a foundation bitch. She started our kennel and her lines are what is behind the success of our dogs today.

Canadian Champion, International Champion and UKC Champion –  Stars Enchanted Dream at CHRIS Ti CCA (Dreamer), he was our lovely boy that we dearly miss and he left an imprint that enhanced our breeding program that left a big footprint on our breeding program.

Well here I am in 2023, still surrounded by, and breeding these beautiful babies and meeting the wonderful families who love them as much as I do. All of our goldens and puppies live in our home as part of our family.

I’ve been involved with Golden Retrievers since 1980, they were the breed I was drawn to. I’m not sure if I chose goldens or if they chose me! Goldens are my heart.

My children grew up with goldens and their children love being around goldens. I can’t imagine my life without a golden by my side.

I’m dedicated to helping the breed and entered one of my goldens, Mattie, in the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. It is the largest study ever attempted in veterinary medicine in the United States to identify factors associated with the development of cancer. Identifying and understanding these risks is the first step toward prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Sadly, we lose too many goldens to this awful disease.

A GOLDEN RETRIEVER has one aim in Life – to bestow his HEART

J.R. Ackerley