Our Stud Dogs

CHRIS Ti Golden Retrievers breeds English Style Golden Retrievers in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

All of our boys have gone through rigorous testing in order to become a CHRIS Ti stud dog. Our stud dogs are conformationally correct with excellent temperaments and great dispositions to make wonderful therapy and family companions.

We are delighted to welcome Dexter to our stud dogs, joining Palmer and Oscar.

Please take a look at CHRIS Ti Golden Retriever’s past, present and “up and coming” goldens.  We are proud of our babies and how beautiful they are, but more importantly we strive for healthy English Style Goldens with the conformation, soundness, and laid back disposition typical of the Golden Retriever Breed Standard.


CHRIS Ti Touch of God from Autumn Lake



CHRIS Ti CAL-VO For the Stars and Stripes CGCA ATD


Dexter, Palmer and Oscar are available for stud to approved females. Please complete the application in order to proceed. For any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Up and Coming Future CHRIS Ti Stud Dogs


Christi Amore’ Dream Catcher CGC, CGCA


We’ve come a long way in the past several years and a lot of problems can be screened prior to breeding and dedicated, responsible breeders like CHRIS Ti Goldens do this. 

CHRIS Ti Golden Retrievers test for hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia through the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation Association). We use a cardiologist to check the heart for sub-aortic stenosis and other hereditary heart diseases. 

Our pups visit an ophthalmologist for their eye clearances to check for cataracts and eye problems.

CHRIS Ti tests for seven genetic diseases:

My face may be white but my heart is pure gold. There is no shame in growing old.

Retired and Relaxed


CHRIS Ti In The Palm Of His Hand


Forever in our Hearts


Can. Ch. UKC Ch. Int.l Ch. Star’s Enchanted Dream at CHRIS Ti CCA

February 4, 2006 – July 6, 2020

Oscar’s and Mattie’s father and an exceptional example of the breed … sweet – a wonderful disposition and great conformation. Dreamer has been a joy and is dearly missed.



Int.l/Nat.l Ch. CHRIS Ti Rising to Glory CGC

January 1, 2005 – August 6, 2019

We will miss this sweet boy. For 14 years he brought a smile to the face of everyone he met. We love and miss you O’Ryan!


Indy Jr.

Am/Can CH CHRIS Ti N The Fastlane at Cal-Vo CGC

November 17, 2006 – July 27, 2018

This sweet boy will be greatly missed, but he made his mark presenting what the breed standard looks like as he participated in countless shows in the US and Canada!