Service Dogs

Through our extensive and careful breeding program, CHRIS Ti puppies are smart, biddable and make excellent service dogs.

Meet Jane Schappell

I became involved with service dogs about 25 years ago when we started raising guide dog puppies. We raised 7 guide dog pups, and although I loved participating in that program, we just socialized the pups and taught them basic cues as the professional guide dog trainers did the advanced training.
About 8 years ago I was looking to raise/train another pup for a veterans assistance dog organization, but I also wanted to do the more advanced training. I ended up raising/training a mobility assistance dog for a local organization and had the opportunity to do the advanced training and participate in his team training and stay in touch with them over the years. That was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
During my time volunteering for that organization, I also was involved with whelping and litter care for them and knew that I wanted to breed a litter and donate pups to veterans assistance dog organizations. My father had been in the Rangers and First Special Service Force in WWII and I wanted to do something to honor his service, as he died when I was very young.
Teri donated Ginger to me in 2019 and I  socialized and trained her as an assistance dog to be sure that her litters would be successful.  She had a litter of 8 puppies in January 2022,  three of which were donated to veterans service dog organizations. In addition, I have two other goldens (Joy and Stasya) that are therapy dogs with Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services. Joy was also bred by Teri.

Three puppies from Ginger and Tio’s first litter were donated to veterans’ assistance dog organizations.
Two were donated to Tails of Valor Paws of Honor, and one was donated to K9s for Warriors. One of the pups donated to Tails of Valor was sponsored by Alan Myers (after the company’s founder who was a Seabee in WWII). The other pup with Tails of Valor is named Pauley after Jane Schappell’s father who was a Darby’s Ranger in WWII and also in the First Special Service Force. The pup donated to K9s for Warriors was sponsored by the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team. All three pups are currently doing well in their training.






Oscar is a Therapy Dog at Portsmouth Naval Hospital and a member of the “Buddy Brigade” at the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughter where he visits and comforts the children and hospital staff. 

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